Working with us

Typical Loans

Armadillo Litigation Funding works with top tier law firms in the mass tort, consumer, and commercial litigation spaces as well as select litigation funding organizations. Our typical loans range from $20 – $50 million in size with up to a 50% loan to value ratio. These loans are secured against projected attorney fees for both settled and unsettled cases.

Lending Process

After an initial discussion with a potential borrower, we will enter into an NDA if both Armadillo and the potential borrower determine the opportunity is a good fit. At this stage Armadillo begins its in depth due diligence process to underwrite the opportunity. This includes a review of financial statements, tax returns, credit checks and other relevant documents. Armadillo will also use a mass tort plaintiff firm engaged in similar dockets to conduct an audit of the underlying cases to ensure that client data remains confidential. At this stage, we also engage in in depth discussions with the potential borrower to ensure we fully understand their practice, funding needs and long-term and short-term goals. Following our underwriting process, if both Armadillo and the borrower agree, we agree to final terms, execute loan documents and fund the loan. Prior to funding, a designated bank account will be established where we will receive the attorney fees on the select cases that are pledged as collateral for the loan until the loan has been paid off.

On Going Partnership

Following funding, Armadillo will monitor the loan and its underlying collateral throughout the life of the loan. Our interactions, however, are not limited to servicing the existing loan. Throughout our relationship, Armadillo will also assist borrowers with evaluating new ventures, changing capital requirements and other business developments, as they arise.